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Music Capital of the World

Los Angeles is the music capital of the world. Whether you are thinking the iconic Capital Records Building, the Grammy Awards, The Hollywood Bowl or the Disney Concert Center, Los Angeles is where it is happening.

So we plan to bring the glitz and glamour that we are known for to the 2019 National Specialty. Join us for SOLID GOLD in 2019. Classic, Pop, Rock and Roll and Hip Hop. It will all be happening at SOLID GOLD!
Best New Artist

What will your promising puppy do? Will your puppy be discovered? Maybe he or she will get a contract and be Best New Artist of 2019.

Best Artist

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze. Where will that great class dog finish. Will you be going home with the Best Male Artist in Conformation? Or maybe you will have the Best Female Artist in Agility?

We can't wait to see all the performers and stars.

Entertainer of the Year

So much talent and so much competition. Who will be the Solid Gold winners? Who will be. Entertainer of the Year? Best Back-up. All to be decided.

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